Our 1st Project

The Mangyan Bakery

Fabio and his family settled in Talipanan beach in the Island of Mindoro in 2013, with the aim to build a beach resort. They discovered that a few meters away from them there was a Mangyan village that counts approximately 1600 inhabitants. 

The Mangyans are the native people of the Island, all very genuine and with a pure heart. However they live in extreme poverty, and their meals mainly consist of rice only.
In fact, those who work in the agriculture or in the constructions are usually the only ones contributing with a daily salary of $4 that shall support a family of five people or more. Most of them do manual jobs in exchange for rice or lower daily salaries.

Fabio and his family quickly came up with the idea that they should try to use the structure they just built, Amami Beach Resort, as a mean to develop a project that would alleviate poverty.


Thus, Amami Social Project was born, with the first goal to create together with the Mangyans a business that creates employment for the members of the community so that their families can live with a supplementary source of food and income.
After almost 2 years of case studies, we realized that the wisest idea was to invest in the creation of products that shall be local and 100% natural, at competitive prices. Our Amami Social Project team has first dedicated its efforts toward an employment program with Mangyans, teaching them how to bake bread and make pizza a the level that they can then train other Mangyans. This is how our first project was born, the Mangyan Bakery.

At Mangyan Bakery we produce bread for the village, teach them a profession and create employment, allowing also women to work while taking care of their families. We grant the bakers scholarship, housing, and food. We reward them with bonuses, extra pays, and savings account.

The global aim is to promote economic independence for the village and consequently the creation of local businesses.

A few Figures to remember


The number of inhabitants in the Mangyan village of Talipanan


The average daily salary of a Mangyan working in the agriculture


The products we bake at the Mangyan Bakery are 100% natural and 100% made with local products

Take a look at the charity events we organized the past few months :


Charity Dinner at Hops and Brews - 19/12/2017

We organized our first charity dinner at Hops & Brews in I'M Hotel last December. We had a blast !

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Charity Dinner at Martin Social Place - 02/13/18

We organized 2 charity dinners at Martin Social Place where we were able to raise some funds for our project.

mps-charity-dinner-amami-social-project 2

Auction & Charity Dinner at Martin Social Place - 04/03/18

Giving warms the heart! We're recalling our Charity Event last April 3rd. Surely a meaningful night to remember! #ItAllStartsHere #Charity


Pizza Party at Amami Beach Resort - 04/29/18

Unlimited pasta & pizza at Amami Beach Resort

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