Our Story

Everyone should access the assets necessary to build a bright future

We want to help the leftovers to achieve this goal through educational projects that will give them solid skills and help them to enhance their own qualities.

Together We Can Build More than Dreams

“With all the money in the world, we do not make men, but with men who love, we can do everything.”

L’abbé Pierre

Our mission
We aim to alleviate poverty

We want to develop education and a better living society, with a sense of civilization and environmental protection. We train people, We educate people, We give chances to people, We give them possibilities to understand the values behind hard working, to seek opportunities, to enjoy commitment and sacrifice. Our mission is to allow them to live a life they thought they would never live.

Our Values

We support pro-active people

We select only sustainable projects with business-minded evaluation. We care about people first and we choose to do it by endorsing people who have ambition, are pro-active, positive people who try to find solutions through difficulties. We generate only sustainable projects: we provide training, education, we support housing, food, cleaning facilities, we set-up projects that allow to maintain and improve people’s growth.

A glance at our first social project

The Mangyans are the native people of the island of Mindoro in the Philippines and they live in extreme poverty. Their meals mainly consist of rice only. Thus, we are starting a  bakery school where we teach adults and teenager to do bread, pizza, dishes… There are 3 main benefits :

  • Diversify the meals of the Mangyan population
  • Teach professional skills to people who didn’t have any
  • Offer them a revenue from the selling of the products

Here is a snippet of a Charity Event we organized in Manila last December to raise some funds for the project :