Amami Social Project

Kids Feeding

Our favorite program, from the original FirstPeopleProject…

We provide FOOD and smiles for kids!

Beach Cleaning

The Ocean takes care of US. 

Let’s return the favor!

Hand Craft interior design

amazing artcrafts, handmade following the ancient tradition of the mangyan culture…

Mangyan Bakery

A mix of a sustainable employment program and family receipts, our most valuable filipino-italian blend…

Food Donation

support our local community with FOOD donations!!!

Pre-loved clothes, Bijoux & Sewing

Coming soon, sustainable atelier de couture, using organic cotton from pre-loved fabrics…

about the project

How we help

We provide food to the kids of the villages nearby, we support local communities through our employment programs, we promote environmental consciousness…

Kids Feeding
Mangyan Bakery
Beach Cleaning

Who are we ? AMAMI team!

homemade & handcrafted

From the kitchen to the table, from the environment to your rooms, we select the best raw materials to give you a full immersion experience into the nature!

100% sustainable

we use only natural products with zero environmental impact, no pollution, no waste, all benefits!

Core strength

social responsibility & environmental consciousness

Amami Social Project - Amami. Beach Resort 2

Experience nature at his best

all our construction materials are natural like bamboo, rattan, coconut, wood and many more…

all our kitchen’s ingredients are km0, biologic fruits, vegetables, honey, spices and fresh fish directly from our shoreline fishermen…

Amami Social Project - Amami. Beach Resort 5