Hand Craft interior design

Come find out our locally made furnitures, interior design and personal objects…

The meaning of Amami in Italian is literally “gimme some love” based on the idea that love is all you need. Everything here is made with the purpose of a warm friendly welcome.

Amami Beach Resort is considered an eco-friendly activity due to his native style and the large choice of native products and materials such as mangoes, coconuts, bamboo, woods, banana leaves, cotton, honey, daily catches of fishes directly from the sea with no intermediate.

Eco-friendly solutions

All our interior and exterion design are made by 100% sustainable products


Our furniture is 100% handmade, crafted by local mangyans with an ancient tradition

sustainable employment

Our sustainable employment program helps several families in the local community...

13 %
Cost reduction
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50 %
Less consumption

Round Lounge Chair

Details coming soon, several cushions available, orders processed in 30days...

Consulting for interior and exterior design

sustainable design with natural products, following ancient traditions, re-invented for modern comfort: 100% natural materials it feels the difference...

Swing chair

Details coming soon, swing chairs in rattan with leather cushions available in different colors, orders processed in 30 days...

Pioneers in sustainable architecture

what guests are saying about us?


Directly behind the beach is this little village of bamboo huts. Picturesque setting, lovely architectural details, all natural materials like bamboo, wood, sand – no plastic to be seen anywhere. There is plenty of common space to hang out – in a hammock, on top of a tree house, on bean bags. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. Feels like family, not business. The restaurant is excellent, too. Awesome food, served on proper (porcelain, not plastic) plates, on proper tables (wood, not plastic). Complimentary cold drinking water on request. Thanks to all the team for the wonderful week we spent at yours!!

Fabio Grazioli

Social Entrepreneurship Developer