Melody is the general managers of Amami Beach resort, she is a very charming girl, native of Puerto Galera, with a unique passion for charity. She is tremendously clever, with an inspiring attitude and extremely gentle manners combined with very sharp logistic skills. 

She is an active supporter of truly remarkable projects such as Samaritans feet Philippines “creating a world with zero shoeless children”, Tamaraw conservation program and several mangyan missions. Her current interests are scuba diving, growing plants in small pots and developing a sustainable market for Pre-loved clothes.

Maritess, who traveled throughout the world when she was in her early 20’s. This young Filipina interpreted different lifestyles from Manila to Milano via London and Paris, she now established herself in the island of Mindoro, where she lives in a house on the hill, surrounded by nature with her numerous rescued animals, around eight dogs and seven cats.

Her two children inherited some of this International culture and have experienced life in various places – France, Italy, Miami, Philippines. Starting from this precious background, Maritess, Kristine & Fabio gathered their inspirations to create an AMAMI team dedicated to social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

Field Architect and Engineer presso Kito Onlus, Anna is a truly dedicated girl who has the remarkable merit to have achieved several non-profit projects. She has directed and accomplished the supply of cleaning facilities for all the thirteen (13) elementary schools in Mindoro island, she is the promoter of the beach cleaning, she is the coordinator of the washable masks projects, she provided and ensured food donations all throughout the pandemic, she assisted the development of the Kids feeding program among many other initiatives…

Her positive energy is absolutely contagious, her vision of the world in bright colors is deeply inspiring and in addition to this; thanks to her masters, she works with authentic professional skills and a problem solving oriented mind. Her efficient use of resources and technical competences create a unique mix of actions which are definitely making a difference in changing the world.

fabio amami social

Fabio is the owner and CEO of Amami Beach Resort, located in Puerto Galera, in the Island of Mindoro. This half Filipino half Italian young man left Italy in 2013 to pursue the dream of his mother Maritess to build a native style resort on the beach. This is how they met the native people of the island, the Mangyans, and since then they continuously tried to help them through various actions and projects. Fabio is also the owner of the iconic FullMoon Parties of the Philippines, that create a lot of employment on the island every summer. 


Kristine is the sister of Fabio and co-owner of Amami Beach Resort. After living for almost 10 years in Miami where she owned and ran a restaurant, she decided to move to the Philippines to in order to manage the restaurant and the staff of the newly built resort. She is strongly dedicated to her job, as much as in any kind of social actions. The Mangyan Bakery Project is something she can truly involve her skills in


Chloé is a French girl who’s passion for travel and exploration brought her to the beaches of Puerto Galera. She discovered the peaceful heaven that is Amami Beach Resort and she felt like home. The kindness of the Mangyans and at the same time the extreme poverty they live in made her think she could use her communications and marketing skills in order to develop a project that would help them. This is how she naturally joined the Amami Social Team and promoted all the charity dinners of the Mangyan Bakery Projects.

Anne lise is a beautiful warmed heart french girl, who came to Amami the first time as a tourist. Witnessing our connection with the Mangyan people, she immediately felt in love with our cause and she then repeatedly came back to Amami bringing new friends and family. She co-operated with the mangyan people to re-disegn the place and create useful tools for guests and employees. On a day to day basis she monitored and suggested how to re-shape the communication and engage mangyans into this adventurous process. She has a great marketing and digital competence, a tremendous passion for  teaching and learning but most of all she has an outstanding capability of motivating people to achieve amazing results.