Our favorite program: Kids feeding!

Amami Social Project - Amami. Beach Resort 2

Every SUNDAY in Social Bakery at Talipanan beach, we gather volunteers and local helpers together with our AMAMI employees for a real great fest: KIDS FEEDING!!!

Our Goal is to collect $100 every Friday to finance the Kids Feeding program. Remarkably this project started during the most difficult times for our business ( Amami Beach resort ), when the COVID-lockdown was -and is still- implemented in the Philippines, from an idea of Maritess Virtudazo. From beginning of August 2020, we are auto-financing this great initiative, we simply withdraw, renounce or save on non-essential things such as shopping, expensive food and other items purchased just for the sake of consumption. It is absolutely and amazingly rewarding to see that this relatively small amount of dollars can translate into food support and basic nutrition for over hundred (100+!!!) kids every week!!!

We invite you to contribute even with small amounts such as $5 or $10 to help us reaching our goal and achieve our weekly commitment!
With a very convenient budget that we allocate every week, we are able to provide a substantial meal for more than 100 kids!!!

USD 100 translates into more than 100 kids SMILES   

Nutrition and education are two of the main fundaments of these little ones bright future…we believe this is a great opportunity we offer to all of you, to do your little part and keep this project alive, we guarantee you it is absolutely rewarding to know that your contribution is making so much difference to these little kids future!!!

Mangyan KIDS FEEDING outreach program

If you wanna support the KIDS FEEDING program with food donation, school supplies or toys for kids please contact us (you can send them to Amami Beach Resort, Talipanan beach 5203, Barangay Aninuan, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines).​

Kids Feeding Power 75%
euro raised = 750 kids meals & smiles

Support the KIDS FEEDING program through PayPal!